Laurie York
California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, CLAD Emphasis
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     Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, CLAD Emphasis - California State University, Chico
     Integrated Teacher CORE Program. Credential awarded May 2005. GPA 4.00

     Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies - California State University, Chico
     Integrated Teacher CORE Program. Diploma awarded May 2005. GPA 3.60


     Fourth Grade Teacher - Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
     August 2005 - Present
Currently teaching a multilingual class of thirty students. Implementing focused standards
     and assessment-driven instruction via WestEd/Edusoft. Creating grade level curriculum
     for a variety of subjects. Collaborating with colleagues to ensure quality lessons.
     the BTSA Induction Program.
Attended multiple Love and Logic workshops centered on
     classroom management.

     "Celebrating Diversity" Teacher
- Willows Intermediate School
     May 2005
     Created and implemented a school-wide curriculum titled "Celebrating Diversity." The two-day
     lessons were taught to the sixth and seventh grade student bodies. They focused on tolerance
     and respect for a variety of human categorizations: race and ethnicity, religion,
age, gender,
     culture, and family.

     Seventh/Eighth Grade Pre-Algebra Intervention Teacher - Willows Intermediate School
     January 2005 - February 2005
     Taught three-week, after-school remedial pre-algebra course for seventh and eighth grade
     students. Created and implemented curriculum based upon specific benchmarks. Borrowed
     from a variety of sources to ensure effective curriculum delivery.

     Sixth Grade Student Teacher - Willows Intermediate School
     January 2005 - May 2005
     Instructed lessons for a class of thirty-five sixth grade students. Upon arrival,
created lessons
and gathered resources from RISE (Resources for International Studies in Education) to
     assist existing unit on China. Created a language arts unit surrounding The Phantom Tollbooth
     while integrating traditional concepts from Houghton Mifflin Reading as well as other curriculum
     areas. Designed a social science unit on Rome and hosted a culminating "Ancient Rome
     Information Faire" for all sixth grade students. Substituted on several occasions.

     Third Grade Student Teacher - Emma Wilson Elementary School
     August 2004 - October 2004
     Developed, implemented, and assessed lessons in all subject areas for a classroom of third grade
     students. Designed and taught a two-week language arts unit surrounding The Talking Cloth.
     Created and instructed a three-week habitat unit and incorporated a "Habitat Hike" via the
     Chico Creek Nature Center. Arranged for guest speaker to present art lesson. Substituted on
     multiple occasions. Utilized a variety of learning style techniques and classroom discipline skills.
     Planned and implemented behavior contracts for select students. Participated in IEP meeting.

     Web Designer - Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Nu Chapter, International Honor Society in Education
     June 2004 - May 2005
     Maintained honor society web page to keep members up-to-date on current meetings, events,
     fundraisers, and other important information. Generated e-newsletters via Bravenet Web
     Services for the same purpose. Created online photographic history of chapter. Established
     forum board to assist officer communication.

     Tutor - Durham Elementary School
     February 2004 - April 2004
Worked one-on-one with Spanish-speaking ESL student. Assisted twice a week with mathematics
     and English assignments. Helped to encourage enthusiasm for learning.

     Secretary - Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Nu Chapter, International Honor Society in Education
     June 2003 - May 2004
     Created and maintained honor society web page. Generated e-newsletters via Bravenet Web
     Services. Performed general secretarial duties: taking meeting minutes, organizing data, and
     planning/participating in society events.

     Teacher Aide - Durham Elementary Summer School
     June 2003 - July 2003
     Assisted in Webquest computer course for fourth through eighth grade students. Creatively
     displayed information regarding Microsoft Powerpoint, Internet image use and appropriate
     research techniques, MusicTime, and Adobe Photoshop.

     Teacher Aide - Durham Elementary Summer School
     June 2003 - July 2003
     Co-taught computer course for third through sixth grade students. Assisted children with the use
     of paint and draw programming, word processing, web browsing, and keyboarding. Used digital
     projector to model lesson plans on the main computer. Added/modified lesson material drawing
     from personal knowledge.

     Student Aide/Observer - Durham Elementary School
     March 2002 - May 2002
Observed in both kindergarten and fifth grade classrooms on a weekly basis. Participated in
     kindergarteners daily activites as well as administered one-on-one tests. Simply observed the
     fifth grade students.

     Student Aide - Emma Wilson Elementary School
     September 2001 - November 2001
Worked one-on-one in third grade classroom with struggling students. Contributed to daily events,
     maintained reading area, and performed randomly requested tasks.

     File Clerk/Secretarial Assistant - Dr. Erik Roos, DDS
     August 2001 - February 2003
     Performed all general secretarial duties for pediatric dental office.

     Counselor - Woodleaf Outdoor School
     April 2001 - May 2001
     Volunteered for one week and aided as a counselor for a camp of sixth grade students.
     Participated in daily in-service meetings, led activities, and provided positive role model while
     supervising students continually during classes, meals, and cabin time.

     Tutor/Teacher Aide - Durham Elementary Summer School
     June/July 1999 & 2000
     Worked in a total of three computer courses for third through eighth grade students. Guided
     children in the basics of computer knowledge ranging from general typing skills to
     and Internet use.

     Student Aide - Durham Elementary School
     August 1998 - June 1999
     As part of the V.A.P.A. (Visual and Performing Arts) Program, organized and supervised
     various school productions, assisted in the classroom on a daily basis (different age groups each
     day), and computed newsletters and other miscellaneous items.